2010/10/6 Bravo-Oh Fire Extinguishing Auto System

Bravo-Oh Automatic Fire Extinguishing System 

Bravo-Oh FE-13
Bravo-oh FE-13 is designed to use FE-13 which is one of the safest gases used for fire suppression systems. Moreover, FE-13 is a clean, environmentally acceptable, and human compatible fire extinguishing agent. As with any other clean agents, Bravo-oh FE-13 can be used in any area with high valued electronics such as computer facilities, battery rooms and telecommunications facilities. In addition, it has many other industrial applications.

FE-13 (Trifluoromethane) is the safest gas among he three most commonly used clean agents (FE-13, FM-200 and Inergen). Fire suppression systems are typically designed at 16-21% concentrations but FE-13 has no exposure restrictions until concentrations reach 30% or higher. The ability to be used at higher concentrations makes FE-13 an ideal agent for occupied areas where very rapid extinguishment is desired.

Two other characteristics make this a unique agent to be seriously considered for your clean agent requirements. First, nozzles can be located at heights of up to 25 feet as compared to only 12 feet for many other systems. Second, due to its low boiling point, FE-13 can be used in temperatures as low as 40 degrees F.

Sitiless can design your FE-13 system for you. Our Engineering Department will perform all flow calculations, pipe layout, and nozzle selection. Engineering drawings will be prepared by certified design specialists. Complete submittal packages can be prepared if requested.

 FE-13 related Features:

  • safe for people
  • electrically nonconductive and noncorrosive
  • clean agent that does not leave a residue
  • an environmentally preferred alternative to Halon with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP)
  • Low boiling point.
  • Partial fill of cylinders is possible
  • Maximum nozzle coverage 30 ft. x 30 ft.
  • Maximum nozzle height 25 ft.
  • Safe for creatures: Reference to experiments that were performed on animals and plants, FE-13 is chemically and biologically un-reactive.  
  • Due to its low toxicity, FE-13 can be used in applications where the occupancy of the protected space is of critical concern, at the time the space is being protected.
  • This makes FE-13 useful in total flood applications such as a control room where people occupy the protected space during discharge of the system. Some other examples of applications where FE-13 can be use include: electrical control rooms, oil rig platforms, control rooms, pump rooms, flammable liquid processing areas, railroad locomotives, turbine enclosures, computer rooms, mobile communication facilities, and surface mining equipment.
  •  Fire Extinguishing Speed:  Only 10 seconds!  The agent discharging process finishes within 10 seconds in case of fire and fire suppressant situations.

System Architecture Diagram:

Bravo-Oh System Features:

Ø  Any Space is convenient to install Bravo–oh system:

Due to Bravo-oh System shape and size, any space is convenient to install it, Bravo-oh system can be installed in the closeness places. 

Ø  No pipes request to install Bravo-oh system:

Bravo – oh system does not need pipes to connect its components, that property saves time, money, and makes the installation operation easy.

Ø  Bravo-oh System is an Auto fire-fighting system:

If Bravo-oh system is under the auto mode; Bravo-oh system detects the fire using its sensors, power off air conditioning system and, automatically, extinguishes fire. 

Ø  Precision fire detect, make any mistake possibility rare

Bravo-oh system does not extinguish fire except if its sensors (Smoke and heat sensors) detect both smoke and heat existence, which makes mistake possibility so rare.    


Ø  Auto/Manual switching, Make Bravo-oh system extinguishing operation secure and flexible:

The ability to switch between the extinguishing modes (Auto/Manual) makes the protected space permanently safe.

  Maximum cascading of up to 10 systems :
       Main controller system (controller) can control 9 units of

       Auxiliary units (No controller).                                                            

      Note: The needed auxiliary unit numbers depend on the

                 protected space size.

6 capacity types cylinders for difference combination:
The FE-13 gas with 6 difference capacity cylinder to match the space required. It is a combination for the best economical savings for fire extinguishing. 

No more worry for your Electronic Assets with the use of Bravo-Oh Fire Extinguishing Auto System.