• BF-870 RFID System

    BF-870 Web Based with Master/Slave

    Multi Door Controller

    RFID System (Multi-Door Controller)



    BF-870 is developed to manage entrance security, work place time and attendance, over-work time verification and other situation requiring the presence of the authorized personnel. This innovative RFID product provides unique master/slave function to control other BF-870 and can also works standalone without using PC. That's why our product can answer all your requirements.


    Fingerprint security Site Security and Access Control , Time Attendance, Elevator Control.

    Serial device server

    Double Badge Control.

    Master / Slave Function.
    Time attendance system Industrial automation solution Serial device server Dual Door Interlocking.
    Fingerprint security Fingerprint system Fingerprint reader 4 DIO for System Integration.
    Door controller Lan converter Embedded controller Audible Indicators, Big Size LCD.
    Lan converter manufacturer Access controller manufacturers Door controller manufacturer On-line Viewing Door Status via Web Browser.
    Multi-door Control Up to 8 Doors (16 External Readers).
    Fingerprint reader 2 relay output, one for doorlock, the other for ringing bell.
    Lan converter manufacturer Elevator Control Up to 9 Lifts, 128 Floors / Lift (Need BF-333).
    Serial device server Selectable Time Zone for Card + Pin / Lock Release / Exit Button).
    Embedded controller Build in http Server, Can Use Web Browser to Make System Management.
    Industrial automation solution Anti Pass Back ( No Tolerance / Period Timer ), Offline with Un-limited Level,
      No Need Online Software Support.
    Fingerprint security Support 100 Holiday, 40 Sets Function Key Setting, 128 Departments, 128 Designations,
      255 Time Sets, 255 Time Zones, 200 Groups.

    Access controller manufacturers Verification Time: Less Than 1.0 sec.
    Time attendance system Registration Time: Less Than 3.0 sec.
    Fingerprint system Verification Method: RFID, RFID + Password, Password.
    Door controller manufacturer Capacity: Card Capacity is 5,000 Users ( Extendable 10,000/20,000/50,000 ).
    Lan converter Communication Speed: 10/100M, Auto Crossing.
    Door controller Communication: RS-485 →External Reader & Relay Box (BF-20)
      RS-232 → Dial-up Modem or Mini Printer, TCP/IP → PC.
    Log Data: 65,000 event.
    Door controller manufacturer Industrial automation solution Operating Temperature: 0℃ ~ 65℃ .
    Access controller manufacturers Serial device server Operating Humidity: 0% ~ 95% RH.
    Door controller Fingerprint security Keypad: 10 Number Key + 6 Function Key.
    Fingerprint reader Lan converter RFID Function: 125KHz(EM/TM), 13.56MHz(Mifare).
    Fingerprint system Embedded controller Dimension: 140 X 156 X 50 mm.
    Time attendance system Lan converter manufacturer Display: 128 X 64 Dots LCD, 3 LED.
    Power: DC 9 ~ 30V 1A.
    Industrial automation solution Multi-Language Menu Display: English, Traditional Chinese, Simple Chinese.
    How to Order

    E: EM/TM
    M: MiFare
    X: EM + MiFare
    V: with Voice Function
      with proximity card & voice function