• Pico projector

    Pico Projector(S160)  Product Code:S160 
    ■ Pocket size, Lithium Battery, Stainless Steel Case, External power, Long battery life
    ■ RGGB LED back light provide bright and high color situation image
    ■ Short focus lens design allows 21" in just 60 cm, maximum of 100" projection image is 3~4 times larger than similar products
    ■ Visual SVGA resolution, 27 lumens with battery power and 32 lumens with external power supply
    ■ Support 720p video and H.264 high resolution video and digital photo playback
    ■ Support SD card, USB Subdisplay and AV signal input
    ■ Built-in 2G memory, and 1 W *2 pcs stereo speaker
    ■ 20,000 hours of LED lifespan, keypad and remote control design, operating is easy
    S160 Pico Projector - An energy saving LED-driven trendy device offers bright colors connectivity to a range of media devices. Instantly sharing video, photo, and presentation with friends ,colleagues and business associates.
    • Through High Definition SVGA projector lens, LCOS R.G.G.B. 4-in-1 three colours LED project high saturation and bright image. Its lively image is more vivid than LED back-lit TFT display such as laptop.
    • With 1:1.4 short focus ratio, 7" to 72" screen can easily achieved between 20 to 200 cm or projection distance, unlike traditional projector still requires long distance projection. It projects three to four times larger image than other pico projectors in the same distance with maximum of 100". Sharing your image can be at office cubicle, library, hall way, cafe, etc. Display at size your desire on desk, wall, ceiling......
    • Powerful video decording built-in processor supports up to 720p video playback. H.264 Videos or Photos stored in SD card which are taken from the digital cameras and camcorders  easily project out to share. Desktop and laptop (support up to1080p resolution) project the screen out with an ordinary USB port. Using AV-in to connect with iPod, digital camera, camcorder, mobile phone, PSP, Wii, XBox, PS3.......your screen instantly enlarged for everyone to watch! Store your photos, music, video in the built-in memory, your media or conference room simply moves with you. Full function, all in one!
    • 103x62x21mm a small pocket size with built-in battery ( one hour of non-stop HD video playback), non stop of mobile multimedia and easy to carry!




    The new S160 Pico Projector opens up a whole new world of opportunity for people wanting to present or share digital content anywhere, anytime.


    Key features

    User benefits

    LED illumination

    No need for 'lamp' replacement

    Energy efficient (estimated life >20,000 hours)

    Battery operated & Ultra-compact design

    Slim-line, ultra-portable

    SVGA resolution Visually

    Crisper, clear images for business presentations

    Theatre Experience for Video playback

    Video input

    Full connectivity to Video out/TV out capable devices

    Optional dedicated iPod video cable

    USB Sub-display input

    USB connectivity to laptops, netbooks & UMPCs

    Built-in stereo speakers

    Add surreal surround sound to your video

    Low Throw Ratio

    Large Screen Projection in short distance,10"@0.3m





    Display Technology

    Color Sequential LCOS

    Light Source

    R.G.G.B LED

    Visual Resolution

    Visual SVGA

    Supported PC Full Screen resolution up to 1920x1080


    27 lm @ Battery ,32 lm@ DC

    Contrast Ratio


    Aspect Ratio


    Throw Ratio

    1.4:1 (Distance/Width) ; short throw

    Focus Method

    Manual side tuning focus

    Projection Screen Size

    8”- 100” (10"@0.3m, 60"@1.7m, 72"@2.25m)

    LED lifespan

    20,000 hours

    IO  Connectors

    AV Input (Composite Video and Stereo Audio-In),

    Mini USB, SD/SDHC socket, DC Input jack

    AV Input

    NTSC & PAL

    USB Sub-display OS support

    Support Windows XP, Vista, Win7   32bit/64bit

    Memory Card Support

    Standard SD /SDHC card  Support up to 32G

    Built-in Memory


    Built-in Speaker

    Stereo  Build-in 1 W X 2PCS

    Built-in Battery

    Over 1 hour of Video Playback time

    Power Supply

    DC Adapter (5V,2.5A); Built-in Battery; USB


    103 x 62 x 21 mm (4.0 x 2.4 x 0.82 in)


    USB Cable, AV Cable, DC Adapter, Tripod, Manual,

    Remote Control, Protection Bag


    White box ; Gross Weight 650g

    Media Decode (Action Solution)

    Still Image Decoding


    Audio Decoding

    MP1,MP2,MP3, WMA

    Video Decoding



    File format 

    Video Format 

    Profile& Level 

    Resolution& frame rate 

    AVI   MOV 

    MP4  3GP

    MPG  VOB 



    All Profile

    1280x720  30fps 


    All Profile   

    1280x720  30fps 


    All Profile  

    1280x720  30fps 



    1280x720  30fps 



    Main Profile

    720x576   30fps