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SEMAC-S3-V1 Semac-S3-V1 (Wiegand) Lift Controller

SEMAC-S3-V1 is an RFID verfication, wiegand connection based, lift control and floor security control system that is applied to lift/elevator/floor control in a building. When SEMAC-S3-V1 connects with 1~8 of BF-333 device(s) it could expand the management floor range up to 128-storey per system. Thru SEMAC-S3 proprietary WEB Server management, system operator could be easily manage the equipments.SEMAC-S3 now can be optioned with single board panel with proprietary power box or with metal made mini enclosure.


SEMAC-S3-V1 (Wiegand version) Features

128-Storey support by SEMAC-S3-V1 per system
7-Storey hall calling support by SEMAC-S3-V1 per system
20,000~50,000 cardholders capacity
10 bypass time zone levels for doors/users access authority
Proprietary software provide (Somac 2.2: lift control module)  
Web based manageable
Wiegand reader support only (BF50 or BF20 required)


SEMAC-S3-V1 (Wiegand Version) Specifications
Software Application
Lift Car Controllable
1 lift car
Floor Control
Up to 128 Storey (BF-333 relay required)
Hall calling storey
7 Storey
Verification Level
10 Layers
Identification Mode
Controller base: EM and Mifare card format
User Type
7 Types
Card holder capacity
20,000 Cards (Up to 50,000 cards option)
Acccess Log
65,535 Entries
System Log
1,500 Entries
TCP/IP : Connect to software (SoMac)
RS-485: Connect to SEMAC-S3,BF-50/BF-20 and BF-333
Communication Distance
TCP/IP: 100 Meters under
RS-485: 1,200 Meters under
WG: 80 Meters under
Fire Alarm/IP Camera
Inbuilt Relay
NO/NC Power loading
4 Relays:
NO: 5A, 250VAC/30VDC 10A, 125VAC
NC: 3A, 250VAC 5A, 30VDC
Reset Button 
1 Set
Tamper Switch
1 Set (Reaction with power box)
Reader Mode
Wiegand (WG26/34) type
LED Indicators
10 Sets
Time Set/Time Zone/Group
255/120/255 Sets
Power Consumption
Power Requirement
9~24V (Max. 3.5W)
Web User Interface
Chinese/Simplified Chinese/English/Custom
Operation Temperature
0˚C~ 55˚C
Operation Humidity
5%~80% RH
Dimension Size
143 × 93 (114 include terminal block) × 21 (mm)
160 g.
Optional Accessories
1.      BF-333:Connect to SEMAC-S3 lift controller
2.      Webpass-Lite-WM:Mifare/IP65/WG reader
Webpass-Lite-WE:EM/IP65/WG reader
3. BF-20/BF-50: Hall calling / Wiegand reader
4. SEMAC power box:
    a. 3A power supply
    b. 3.5A power supply (include UPS function)
5. SEMAC mini enclosure
(recommend to use power adapter)
6.  Power Adaptor: US type or EU type
Power input: 110~240VAC/50~60Hz/0.3A max.
Power output: 12VDC/1A/12W
7. MR-303U: USB Mifare card decoder/encoder
8. SoMac 2.2: Multi-Drop Server-Client version
(Contact with CHIYU for quotation)

SEMAC-S3-V1 (Wiegand Version) Product & Software
SEMAC-S3-V1 Wiegand

SEMAC-S3-V1 (Wiegand version) applications:

SEMAC-S3-V1 Wiegand application

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