Sitiless Co., Ltd.

  • Feature:

    *Support for IDE RAID System (CS-201Ri):
    Support Six IDE Hot-swap Drive Bays (1" High)
    IDE RAID level 0,1,5 Supported
    Support E-IDE with Ultra DMA Mode
    User Friendly GUI Manager

    Better Cooling System:
    Three 80mmx80mmx25mm Fans for RAID and System

    Best Power Solution:
    300W 1+1 Redundant Power Supply or One unique 400W Power Supply

    Expansion slots:
    Three (64 or 32bit) PCI on Riser Card (Supported Full Length Expansion Card)

    Other supports:
    One Slim CD-ROM and Two Diskette Drive Bays

    upported ATX Server Board Space, Maximum 12" x 13 "


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