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    Touch POS Terminal

    PT-8800 LCD Touch POS Terminal is Partner Tech`s next generation POS system. Its powerful Intel Pentium IV CPU provides the performance and reliability for the on demand environment. The Gigabit networking capability allows more business to be done in the same timeframe - while reducing total cost of ownership. The PT-8800 features secondary screen for multimedia application, and its wide varieties of integrated options, like VFD customer display, MSR, IC card reader, i-Button, and biometrics reader, which breakthrough the boundaries of PT-8800 technology. The PT-8800 meets all the features and flexibility for today and tomorrow`s business!



    Intel® Celeron-2.5GHz or PIV-2.8GHz


    Support Two DDR DIMM 512MB (up to 2GB)


    Award PnP BIOS

    Operator LCD Monitor

    15" TFT Color Display, 0~60 tilt angle

    Touch Panel

    5-Wire Resistive Touch (optional capacitive)

    Viewing Angle

    0 to 60 tilt

    H.D.D. & Storage

    One 3.5" IDE Hard Drive

    Compact Flash Card Socket, IDE interface.


    10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet onboard

    I/O Interface

    -4*D-sub 9 pin Serial ports provide DC+5V or DC+12V with jumper free BIOS setting on rear I/O panel, 2 serial ports pin-headers onboard (1 reserved for touch, 1 for customer display)

    - 1 * LPT port onboard

    - 2 * 3W speaker

    - 1 * PS/2 Mouse port

    - 1 * PS/2 KB port

    - 4 * USB 2.0 ports (2*powered USB (DC+12V and DC+24V) on rear I/O panel, 2*USB on front)

    - 1 * DB-15 VGA port

    - 1 * RJ11 Cash Drawer port with DC+24V

    - 2 * Audio ports(1*Line-out, 1*Mic-in, both in the rear panel)

    - 1 * RJ-45 LAN port

    Operation System

    DOS, WIN 2000/XP Pro/XPe, Linux, CE.NET

    Power Supply

    Internal 220W Switching Power Supply


    Operating Temperature: 0~40 degree C 

    Storage Temperature: -20~60 degree C


    Physical: 344mm (W) x348mm (D) x 375mm (H) w/o MSR


    - Magnetic Stripe Reader (dual or three tracks)

    - Biometric Reader

    - I-Button  

    - KB32 32-Key keypad

    - Integrated 2x20 VFD Rear Customer Display

    - Secondary 15"LCD Screen

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