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  • BF-870 Web Based with Master/Slave

    Multi Door Controller

    RFID System (Multi-Door Controller)

    BF-870 is developed to manage entrance security, work place time and attendance, over-work time verification and other situation requiring the presence of the authorized personnel. This innovative RFID product provides unique master/slave function to control other BF-870 and can also works standalone without using PC. That's why our product can answer all your requirements.


    Site Security and Access Control , Time Attendance, Elevator Control.

    Double Badge Control.

    Master / Slave Function.
    Dual Door Interlocking.
    4 DIO for System Integration.
    Audible Indicators, Big Size LCD.
    On-line Viewing Door Status via Web Browser.
    Multi-door Control Up to 8 Doors (16 External Readers).
    2 relay output, one for doorlock, the other for ringing bell.
    Elevator Control Up to 9 Lifts, 128 Floors / Lift (Need BF-333).
    Selectable Time Zone for Card + Pin / Lock Release / Exit Button).
    Build in http Server, Can Use Web Browser to Make System Management.
    Anti Pass Back ( No Tolerance / Period Timer ), Offline with Un-limited Level,
    No Need Online Software Support.
    Support 100 Holiday, 40 Sets Function Key Setting, 128 Departments, 128 Designations,
    255 Time Sets, 255 Time Zones, 200 Groups.

    Verification Time: Less Than 1.0 sec.
    Registration Time: Less Than 3.0 sec.
    Verification Method: RFID, RFID + Password, Password.
    Capacity: Card Capacity is 5,000 Users ( Extendable 10,000/20,000/50,000 ).
    Communication Speed: 10/100M, Auto Crossing.
    Communication: RS-485 →External Reader & Relay Box (BF-20)
    RS-232 → Dial-up Modem or Mini Printer, TCP/IP → PC.
    Log Data: 65,000 event.
    Operating Temperature: 0℃ ~ 65℃ .
    Operating Humidity: 0% ~ 95% RH.
    Keypad: 10 Number Key + 6 Function Key.
    RFID Function: 125KHz(EM/TM), 13.56MHz(Mifare).
    Dimension: 140 X 156 X 50 mm.
    Display: 128 X 64 Dots LCD, 3 LED.
    Power: DC 9 ~ 30V 1A.
    Multi-Language Menu Display: English, Traditional Chinese, Simple Chinese.
    How to Order

    E: EM/TM
    M: MiFare
    X: EM + MiFare
    V: with Voice Function
    with proximity card & voice function

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